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Muscat discusses migration, Libya with UN general secretary

Migration and the situation in Libya dominated a meeting between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and UN secretary general Antonio Guterres today. Dr Muscat said Libya was an absolute priority to Malta because it was a neighbour state and the effects of the situation could be felt by Malta. He said there was no faction which was totally right so there should be empathy towards the different positions. Malta, he said, remained willing to help as one of the European countries that could most understand Libyans. Mr Guterres said the UN was committed to addressing the conflicts in Libya. Both agreed that the situation could only be solved through coordinated initiatives with the involvement of Libyans. The Prime Minister also brought up the subject of migration saying an increase in the number of economic migrants was being noted. This made the migration challenge more crucial. Mr Guterres agreed and said this was why the UN was pushing forward a migration pact that would include all components of this delicate challenge.

Don Bosco’s successor visits Malta

Beware the culture of pessimism and despair, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, the 10th successor of Don Bosco, told the Maltese Salesian community during his first official visit to the island. “Complaining is prohibited,” he insisted several times during a meeting at Savio College, in Dingli, earlier this month. He reminded those present that the only way to live the Salesian spirit was by accom-panying the young and understanding them on a personal level because what remained in the heart was supremely more profound. “My dear family, we do not give salvation. It is God who gives salvation. Some believe the world is lost. The world has been saved by God once and for all,” Fr Ángel said. He was elected by the Salesian General Chapter 27 as Rector Major of the Salesians on May 24, 2014, becoming the first Spaniard and the third non-Italian in Salesian history to occupy such position. The meeting was followed by solemn Mass in the Savio College gymnasium, organised by the Salesian Youth Movement and animated by the Salesian Worship Team’s music. In the homily, Fr Ángel emphasised the importance of family in our lives. “Which of us carries in his or her heart someone whom we want to take...

Watch: Celtic claim another old firm win against Rangers

Celtic underlined the huge gulf in class between the Old Firm rivals as they claimed a 2-0 victory over Rangers at Ibrox. The Light Blues, without a league win against their bitter rivals since 2012, made the opening derby clash of the season a compelling watch for 45 minutes. But goals from Tom Rogic and Leigh Griffiths after half-time swung the game decisively in Celtic's favour as they opened up an eight-point lead over Pedro Caixinha's side. Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers had the luxury of leaving Callum McGregor, Olivier Ntcham, James Forrest and Moussa Dembele on the bench with one eye on Wednesday's Champions League clash with Anderlecht.

Strong new earthquake shakes Mexico amid devastation of two previous tremors

    A strong new earthquake has shaken Mexico as the country reels from two more-powerful quakes this month that have killed nearly 400 people. The new magnitude 6.1 earthquake was centered about 18km south-southeast of Matias Romero in the state of Oaxaca, the US Geological Survey said. That was the region most battered by a magnitude 8.1 quake on September 7. It swayed buildings and set off a seismic alarm in the capital, prompting civil defence officials to temporarily suspend rescue operations in the rubble of buildings downed by Thursday's magnitude 7.1 quake in central Mexico.   Quake alarms sounded in Mexico City as the new quake struck, prompting people with fresh memories of this week's devastating tremor to flee homes and hotels. Alejandra Castellanos was on the second floor of a hotel in a central area and ran down the stairs and outside with her husband. She said: "I was frightened because I thought, not again!" At the site of an office that collapsed on Tuesday, street signs swayed and rescuers briefly evacuated from atop the pile of rubble before returning to work. Nataniel Hernandez lives in Tonala, one of the cities hardest hit by an earlier, September 7 quake,...

Thousands of Syrians ready to cross over... not to Malta

Many of the 120,000 Syrian official refugees hosted in Egypt await the right opportunity to move to Europe, whether legally or illegally, mainly eyeing Sweden and Germany, this newspaper has learnt. Although many international organisations, including the UNHCR and the European Union, give a strong helping hand to the Egyptian authorities to cope with the daily developing situation, many of the refugees only see Egypt as a transitory place. “My aim is to rejoin my brother in Sweden,” Hana, 18, who attends the EU-funded Syria al-Gad Educational Centre, in Obour, a satellite city outside Cairo, told the Times of Malta. “I came here together with my mother and three young siblings five years ago. My sister and my mother witnessed my father’s killing at home. We had no other option but to run away and flee to Egypt. “My mother passed away a few months ago as she got very sick and could not handle the trauma of my father’s killing. We are now trying to make ends meet and the help, even in cash, we are receiving from the EU is very important” she added. She said her dream was to see all her siblings settled and living a better life. Her brother first went to Libya and eventually...

Muscat meets Obama

Following Thursday's official photo with US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today met former US President Barack Obama in New York. Dr Muscat is in the US for the UN's general assembly, which he addressed yesterday.

Romanians caught pickpocketing arrested

Two Romanians who have already faced charges for pickpocketing and falsifying documents in other countries were arrested by the police yesterday after one of them was caught in the act of stealing a wallet from a tourist’s pocket as the latter was boarding a bus. The police said that after it received several reports of pickpocketing in several areas around Sliema and St Julian’s, particularly on public transport and  busy bus stops, it intensified its investigations and kept watch on several Romanians. Two people raised the suspicions of the police at around 10am yesterday after they were seen close to tourists and Maltese on a bus stop in Tower Road, Sliema. One seemed to be a spotter while the other was seen stealing the wallet. The police said one of the men, who is 35, is a relapser for the same crime in Hamburg, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland and is under an arrest warrant for similar crimes. The other, who is 41, is known to the Czech police and has been charged with falsifying documents. They are expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow. The police said this was the second case of similar arrests in a few days after another two Romanians were arrested on...

Polls close as New Zealand awaits result of closely fought election

    Polls have closed in New Zealand's national elections amid what looks like a close race between the conservative prime minister and his liberal challenger. Early results suggest incumbent Bill English's National Party is a little ahead of Jacinda Ardern's Labour Party. Under New Zealand's proportional voting system, large parties typically have to form alliances with smaller parties in order to govern. That means there is a chance there will be no clear winner on election night, and parties may bargain over the coming days or weeks to form a coalition. Ms Ardern, 37, has enjoyed a remarkable surge in popularity since taking over as opposition leader last month. Mr English, 55, has highlighted his experience and promised tax cuts.

Air Malta to be no more?

Everybody appreciates that Air Malta is still experiencing very tough times. But economic woes can hardly justify the minister responsible for the airline threatening the workers about their future. He warned them that if they do not toe the line, the government would close down the airline, fire the employees, then set it up under a new name. Even if the reasoning was superlative, does this really fit the ethos of a caring Labour Party? Till some years ago wasn’t it called the party of the working class? And wasn’t it the shield against the horrors of capitalism and the General Workers’ Union’s closest associate? Life in Malta has never been dull—now it’s rather too surreal.

Shabab Oman II tall ship visits Malta

The public is today responding to the invite of the Captain of the Shabab Oman II, the 85-metre sail training flagship of the Royal Navy of Oman, witnessing its grandeur from deck. The Shabab Oman II arrived in Malta early yesterday morning.  It sailed through the Malta - Comino - Gozo channel and berthed at Valletta Cruise Port. A gunfire salute from the Saluting Battery welcomed the ship as it entered Grand Harbour with open sails. A parade was held this morning in Valletta, during which the Omani sailors delighted locals and tourists with a display of their local music and tradition along Valletta’s Republic Street. The sailors then participated in the gun salute at the Upper Barrakka Gardens. Yachting Malta’s chief executive officer Wilfrid Buttigieg said the visit was part of a series of events being planned Yachting Malta’s chief executive officer Wilfrid Buttigieg said the visit was part of a series of events being planned between this year and 2020 whereby a number of tall ships were envisaged to visit Malta with the aim of creating a long-term tall ship legacy. “Tall Ships have a strong following - we are confident that such events will strengthen Malta’s position as a...

Malta Independent

MUT says government ‘deceitful’ when it says there are 600 more teachers

The Malta Union of Teachers said that government is being deceitful when it says there will be 600 more teachers at the start of the scholastic year on Monday.The government is trying to take the people for a ride as the number contrasts sharply with reality, considering that there are only 200, while another 100 will graduate this year and will not necessarily take up a teacher’s job.If what the government is saying is true, there would not have been a need for teachers who got promotions to remain in the classrooms because they cannot be replaced; students following different syllabi would not need to be grouped in the same class; no primary classes would need to be joined; no teachers would be given full load; no retirees would be asked to rejoin; no teachers would be asked to teach in different schools and no teachers would be complaining to the MUT.The union appealed for the government to be correct in the figures given and for the profession to be shown respect.

PN mulling action against MP; Jean Pierre Debono explains position

The Nationalist Party is considering taking some kind of action against its outgoing assistant secretary general Jean Pierre Debono for the way he handled proxy votes in the election for party leader, Times of Malta reports.It followed a story published on Malta Today which reported that Farrugia had collected a member’s voting document through a proxy which was issued without the member’s consent.But in a lengthy post on Faceook, the MP said what he did was out of duty and that he did not know the favourite candidate of the voter.Malta Today reported that Debono was rebuked for failing to identify the identity of voters who had made use of the proxies, more so because he was not personally present when the proxy was signed.In comments to The Times, former leader Simon Busuttil and outgoing secretary general Rosette Thake said that the report did not cast any doubts on the integrity of the election, and that they felt no need to postpone it. Both Busuttil and Thake learnt of Debono’s behaviour on the eve of the vote.The matter has now been put before the party’s administrative committee for further consideration.Explaining his position Debono said that no documents were falsified and the proxies were made available to elderly persons for them not to wait for long hours to collect their vote. He said he had explained his position to the Electoral Commission in writing.Malta Today’s report did not reflect the whole truth, Debono said, adding that it was a desperate attempt to undermine the work of new leader Adrian Delia. He asked how a sensitive report had ended up in the media, adding that such behaviour showed that there were still persons who spoke about uniting the party and then behaving in the opposite way.

PM discusses migration with United Nations secretary general

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat discussed migration issues with the United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres, a Department of Information statement said. The meeting was held in New York.Muscat said the issue was a main priority for Malta, with Libya being so close. He said Malta is ready to offer all its assistance for solutions to be found.Guterres said the UN is working hard to address the conflict in Libya. The two sides agrred that Libyans cannot be left out of a lasting solution. PM Muscat also met former US president Barack Obama.

Spectacular: 'Shabab Oman II' tall ship visits Malta

The 85-metre sail training flagship of the Royal Navy of Oman, the “Shabab Oman II”, arrived in Malta after sailing through the Malta - Comino - Gozo channel and berthing at Valletta Cruise Port. A gunfire salute from the Saluting Battery welcomed the ship as it entered Grand Harbour with open sails.  The general public is responding to the captain’s invitation and witnessing the grandeur of the flagship from its very decks. Additionally, a parade was held this morning in Valletta, during which the Omani sailors delighted locals and tourists alike with a display of their local music and tradition along Valletta’s Republic Street. The sailors then participated in the gunfire salute at the Upper Barrakka Gardens. Yachting Malta’s Chief Executive Officer, Wilfrid Buttigieg, explained that this visit is part of a series of events being planned between 2017 and 2020 whereby a number of tall ships are envisaged to visit Malta with the aim of creating a long term tall ship legacy. “Tall Ships have a strong following - we are confident that such events will strengthen Malta’s position as a sail training destination and host port for yachting events in the Mediterranean,” said Buttigieg. The classic elegance and beauty of just one Tall Ship is a crowd puller in itself, let alone what ten or twenty vessels of this kind can do if brought together inside the Grand Harbour,” he added.  The minister responsible for tourism, Konrad Mizzi, referred to the fact that this is not a one-off event and it is not only related to the world of sailing. On the contrary, there is a strong cultural element and also one that is centred on motivating and educating younger generations. This is thanks to the element of training that such ships provide to aspiring youths.  The added value towards the touristic product is consistently highlighted by Paul Bugeja, CEO of the Malta Tourism Authority, who held that such initiatives serve in order to attract a different type of touristic product to the Maltese Islands. Edward Scicluna, the Minister for Finance, observed that the economic overspill of such events is considerable. He commented on the fact that the incoming tourism and marketing content generated is significant.  Paul Thompson, the Commercial Director of Sail Training International, held that tall ship races and regattas are a unique celebration of maritime heritage, youth development, international friendship and understanding. The presence of a tall ships regatta in Malta could provide a memorable festival of relevance and benefit to residents, visitors, local businesses and the media. Shabab Oman II will be berthed at Pinto Wharf, Valletta and open for the general public to visit it’s decks on Saturday between 10:am and 5pm and Sunday 24 September between 10am and 7pm. Entrance is free of charge.  The vessel will leave Malta on Monday.  This event is organised by Yachting Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Ministry for Tourism, the Ministry for Finance, Transport Malta, Yachting in Malta, Valletta 2018 and the Malta Sail Training Association. 

Two Romanians arrested for pick-pocketing

Two Romanian nationals were arrested yesterday for pick-pocketing, the police said today.In a statement, the police said that several reports of pick-pocketing were received in Sliema and St Julian’s.Officers on the Sliema promenade noted two people acting suspiciously, with one of them acting as a spotter while the other was seen stealing a wallet from a tourist who was about to embark on a bus. The two were immediately arrested. It resulted that one of them, aged 35m was accused of pick-pocketing in Germany, Holland and Switzerland. The other, another Romanian aged 41, is known to the Czech police.On Tuesday, the police arrested another two Romanians for similar offences.

GTA again proposes seasonal VAT for accommodation owners

The Gozo Tourism Association (GTA) is proposing seasonal Value Added Tax rates for accommodation owners in Gozo, for the Government’s next upcoming Budget. Currently, Gozo accommodation establishment owners pay 7% VAT. However GTA Chief Executive Officer Joe Muscat told this newsroom that the association is once again proposing a variable tax rate in order to mitigate seasonality. GTA is proposing that VAT should be reduced to 3% between November and March. The rate between April and October would remain the same. Ahead of next year’s budget, the GTA is also pushing forward solutions for the ever increasing influx of vehicles and cargo on the Gozo Channel ferries; to once again focus on the extra tax added to the pool licence introduced way back in budget 2015; to commence a carrying capacity assessment study for tourism on Gozo and to pass through Parliament the amendments finalised recently on the 1999 Tourism Act.This is not the first time the GTA has pressured the government for a change in VAT rates. In 2016, Gozitan hoteliers asked for a lower VAT rates on tourist accommodation on the island during the lean winter season. Back then the GTA CEO had said that this reduction would make Gozo more competitive. However the proposal was not undertaken by the government, hence the resubmission of such a proposal this year.  “We are asking that in the low season, VAT is lowered, so that establishments can offer more competitive accommodation rates during the low season," Muscat told to The Malta Independent.Meanwhile GTA is also proposing the introduction of an extra ferry, which would transport cargo back and forth between Gozo and Malta. “The demand on ferries is constant, so our proposal would mean that the three ferries being used now will only be used for cars and passengers whilst all cargo is transported by another ferry dedicated to cargo entirely.”He explained how currently, the load factor of the ferries is not being used to the full capacity due to cargo trucks making it impossible to use both hoistable decks. "If a cargo ferry is added, this will help solve the issue,” he argued.In 2016, the GTA had wanted a study on a fast ferry service to Valletta to be fast-tracked and a shuttle to be set up between Malta International Airport and the Ċirkewwa terminal. However this year’s proposals are not venturing into anything of the sort with the solution of an extra ferry being a necessity.In 2015, the government introduced an extra 15 per cent tax on owners of accommodation who had pools. GTA had expressed its concern and said it would seek discussions with the government. At the time, the Gozo Business Chamber was similarly disappointed in the increase.Muscat said the GTA had consequently proposed that anyone who is covered by the MTA licence should not have to pay the increase, thus the measure would positively discriminate with those accommodation units that are licensed with MTA.Furthermore, GTA is also asking the government to update the 1999 Tourism Act as amended recently. Amendments were made in February of 2016, in which licences for late night entertainment venues were reformed but also other changes were made, such as a new act regarding travel services and tourism in Malta, which regulates the constitution and operations of the Tourism Authority; a legal notice that regulates the process and conditions of all operator licenses in the sector; a list of standards and current references to the tourism police for different sectors licensed by the Tourism Authority and  two legal notices regarding travel agent obligations who organise package travel and timeshare operators. However the act has been amended on a number of occasions. Muscat also explained the need for a carrying capacity assessment study for tourism in Gozo to include a holistic vision till 2030. 

Customs Department to intensify operations against unfair competition – Minister Scicluna

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said the government will be investing in more equipment to allow the Customs Department to continue its battle against the importation of illegal substances as well as against fiscal evasion.Addressing department officers, Scicluna said a mobile scanner is already in use at the Valletta Gateway Terminal and a container scanner will soon be available at the Freeport Terminal.The department will also have a dogs section to help officers identify tobacco products and drugs, the minister said.Scicluna added that this year the department seized 300 kilos of cocaine in what is its largest ever haul, considering that the value of the drug was over €20 million.

We took necessary action in Marsa, criticism unjustified – Michael Farrugia

Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia said that his ministry has already taken “necessary actions and initiatives” in Marsa and feels that it was unjustly criticised for racial profiling . This comes after Aditus foundation, an NGO that guarantees legal rights for asylum seekers and refugees had described the recent police raids in Marsa as “a radicalised approach further fuelling exclusion, marginalisation and division”. This month a number of police raids were carried out in Marsa and the surrounding areas, to ensure that any migrants were working lawfully and have all permits in order.  Aditus said that in Marsa police targeting immigrants and refugees are consequently calling it “racial profiling”. “The climate intentionally created over the past months is one of intimidation, fear and insecurity.”However, Minister Farrugia responded in comments to The Malta Independent that in reality, police officials were targeting Maltese persons, immigrants and foreigners so as to enhance law enforcement. Minister Farrugia said that,“there have additionally been talks between the Ministry and various Local Councils to better understand residents’ concerns and take necessary action. Such initiatives and actions were already taking place, are taking place and will continue in the future.”A protest, on Sunday, initially organised by residents, was to highlight the concern of the Marsa residents regarding the level of crime in the area, which they attribute to the highly concentrated migrant population. However mayors from surrounding areas, who had primarily helped to organise the protest, dropped out and claimed it had become hijacked by right wing sentiments. For the protest a few hundreds attended and joining the residents were former Imperium  Ewropa Leader Norman Lowell and leader of the Patrijotti Maltin, Henry Battistino. No other politicians from any other political parties attended the event. Last Monday this newsroom contacted a number of politicians from both political parties to see why they did not attend the walk. Their reply was that although they understood and were aware of the issues and problems in Marsa they could not go to a protest which could have had right wing elements in it.  

Labour Party chooses 70 women to take part in LEAD initiative

The Labour Party has chosen 70 women with an average age of 29 years to take part in its LEAD programme, aimed to generate more participation by women in political life.They have been separated into two groups, with the first group starting its operations next month and the second group in March. Each group will run for a year.The programme coordinator, Miriam Dalli, said that the intention of the programme is to encourage more participation by women.Lydia Abela, PL executive secretary, said the board had a difficult choice considering the talented women who came forward.

Malta registers highest increase in expected length of working life in Europe

Malta has registered the highest increase in expected length of working life in Europe, a report has shown. According to the Eurostat report, the expected length of working life increased in nearly all EU Member States, with Malta high up in the list with an increase of 5.1 years. Hungary follows with 4.5 years and Lithuania with an increase of 4.2 years of work. The report compares how the expected working life increased in the last years. In 2016, people in the European Union could be expected to work for an average of 35.6 years, up by 1.8 years compared with 2006. Over this 10-year period, the 'duration of working life' increased more rapidly for women, from 30.6 years in 2006 to 33.1 years in 2016. As for men, the 36.9 years of expected working life in 2006 has now increased to 38 years. The 'duration of working life' indicator measures the number of years a person, aged 15, can expect to be active in the labour market, either employed or unemployed, throughout his/her life.The statistics show that the registered increase was mainly due to the female participation and duration in the work force. The length of time a woman could be expected to work rose between 2006 and 2016 in all EU Member States (except in Romania), notably in Malta with 9 years, Lithuania with 4.6 years and Spain with 4.4 years. In contrast, the 'duration of working life' for men dropped in five Member States: Cyprus (-2.4 years), Greece (-1.4 years), Ireland (-1.1 year), Spain (-0.8 year), and Portugal (-0.5 year).The report also shows that across the EU Member States, in 2016 Sweden had the longest expected average working life with 41.3 years. Denmark and the Netherlands followed with 40.3 years and 40.0 years respectively. In all Member States except in Latvia and Lithuania, the 'duration of working life' was expected to be longer for men than for women in 2016. 


Nesewh ġo għar f’Indiana għal tlett ijiem

Student ta’ 19-il sena fl-Istati Uniti qatta’ kważi tlett ijiem sħaħ imsakkar f’għar wara li l-grupp li kien miegħu telqu ‘l barra filwaqt li lilu sakkruh ġewwa bi żball. Il-Ħadd li għadda Lucas Cavar kien qed iżur Sullivan Cave, fin-nofsinhar ta’ Indiana, flimkien mal-Caving Club tal-università li jattendi. Għal xi raġuni iżda Cavar infired minn […] The post Nesewh ġo għar f’Indiana għal tlett ijiem appeared first on TVM.

Iddikjara bi €336,000 f’sigaretti bħala ġugarelli u fajjenza

Raġel kien ikkundannat sentejn ħabs sospiżi għal erba’ snin wara li nstab ħati li ffalsifika dokumenti bl-iskop li jqarraq dwar il-kontenut ta’ żewġ kontejners li għaddew mill-Port Ħieles. Arthur Ciancio u ibnu Aaron Ciancio kienu akkużati li bejn Jannar u Marzu 2005 iffalsifikaw fatturi ta’ negozji stabbiliti tal-ġugarelli u l-fajjenza u ddikjarawhom bħala l-konenut ta’ […] The post Iddikjara bi €336,000 f’sigaretti bħala ġugarelli u fajjenza appeared first on TVM.

Il-PM jiddiskuti l-isfidi globali u l-progress ma’ Obama

Il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat iltaqa’ mal-ex President Amerikan Barack Obama hekk kif jinsab fuq impenji uffiċjali fi New York. Fi tweet il-Prim Ministru Malti qal li jinsab kuntent li reġa’ ltaqa’ ma’ Obama. Qal li miegħu kien iddiskuta viżjonijiet progressivi dwar sfidi globali. Waqt li kien fi New York il-Prim Ministru kellu l-opportunità jiltaqa’ wkoll […] The post Il-PM jiddiskuti l-isfidi globali u l-progress ma’ Obama appeared first on TVM.

Id-Dwana se jkollha klieb imħarrġa biex jaqbdu d-droga u l-kuntrabandu

Il-gvern ressaq proposta quddiem l-Unjoni Ewropea biex id-Dwana tibbenefika minn għajnuna finanzjarja biex issaħħaħ il-ħidma tagħha kontra l-evażjoni tat-taxxa tad-dazju u s-sisa waqt li tkompli tgħasses il-fruntieri mil-importazzjoni ta’ oġġetti illegali. Id-Direttur Ġenerali tad-Dwana, Joseph Chetcuti, qal li t-talba għal fondi Ewropej tlaħħaq €15-il miljun. F’Jum id-Dwana, ingħataw dettalji tar-riżultati miksuba mill-impjegati tad-dipartiment din is-sena […] The post Id-Dwana se jkollha klieb imħarrġa biex jaqbdu d-droga u l-kuntrabandu appeared first on TVM.

Jintgħażlu 70 mara għall-programm LEAD

Sebgħin mara ntgħażlu biex jieħdu sehem fil-programm LEAD, li se jkun immexxi mill-Partit Laburista. Ħabbret dan il-kordinatur tal-programm, Miriam Dalli li f’konferenza tal-aħbarijiet fiċ-Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista, qalet li tant kemm kien hemm rispons pożittiv għal dan il-programm, li se jkun qed jitħaddem b’żewġ gruppi – wieħed li jibda f’Ottubru li ġej u ieħor li jibda […] The post Jintgħażlu 70 mara għall-programm LEAD appeared first on TVM.

ARA: Trakk mgħobbi bit-terrapien jagħmel ħerba fi Triq il-Kosta

Terrapien u biċċiet kbar ta’ ġebel spiċċaw f’nofs ta’ triq fi Triq il-Kosta kawża ta’ trakk li jidher li kien mgħobbi żżejjed. Persuni li għall-ħabta tal-11.30 tal-bieraħ filgħodu waslu ħdejn ir-roundabout ta’ Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq sabu li ma setgħux jgħaddu peress li fdalijiet tal-kostruzzjoni kienu qed jimblukkaw iż-żewġ karreġjati fid-direzzjoni taċ-Ċirkewwa. B’xorti tajba ma jidhirx li […] The post ARA: Trakk mgħobbi bit-terrapien jagħmel ħerba fi Triq il-Kosta appeared first on TVM.

Il-Pulizija taqbad żewġ Rumeni oħra jisirqu lit-turisti f’Tas-Sliema

Żewġ Rumeni nqabdu fil-fatt mill-Pulizija waqt li kienu qed jisirqu mill-bwiet tat-turisti fuq bus stop f’Tas-Sliema. Wieħed mir-Rumeni diġà kellu fama għall-pickpocketing f’diversi pajjiżi Ewropej. Il-Pulizija qalet li bdiet tinvestiga wara rapporti ta’ pick-pocketing f’diversi postijiet madwar tas-Sliema u San Ġiljan, partikolarment minn fuq it-trasport pubbliku u minn bus stops, fejn diversi persuni ta’ nazzjonalità […] The post Il-Pulizija taqbad żewġ Rumeni oħra jisirqu lit-turisti f’Tas-Sliema appeared first on TVM.

Il-Ministru Caruana tiltaqa’ mar-rappreżentanta ta’ Malta fil-Eurovision Young Dancers

Il-Ministru Justyne Caruana kellha żjara ta’ korteżija minn Denise Buttigieg, li se tirrappreżenta ta’ Malta fil-kompetizzjoni prestiġjuża tal-Eurovision Young Dancers. Denise Buttigieg se tkun qed tieħu sehem fil-ħmistax-il edizzjoni ta’ din il-kompetizzjoni li se ssir fi Praga, ir-Repubblika Ċeka, nhar is-16 ta’ Diċembru, fejn se jieħdu sehem b’kollox 8 parteċipanti minn 8 pajjiżi Ewropej. Il-Ministru […] The post Il-Ministru Caruana tiltaqa’ mar-rappreżentanta ta’ Malta fil-Eurovision Young Dancers appeared first on TVM.

L-Iran jisfida lil Trump u jispara missila ballistika

L-Iran qal li wettaq b’suċċess test fuq missila ballistika ġdida li meta sparata għandha kapaċità tasal distanza sa elfejn kilometru. Il-missila ntweriet għall-ewwel darba l-Ġimgħa waqt parata militari. Dan il-pass qed jitqies bħala sfida diretta għall-Istati Uniti u l-President Donald Trump. Il-President, Hassan Rouhani, qal li l-Iran se jsaħħaħ il-kapaċitajiet tiegħu fil-qasam tal-missili mingħajr ma […] The post L-Iran jisfida lil Trump u jispara missila ballistika appeared first on TVM.

Il-President f’Washington: Id-dinja trid tisfida l-istrutturi biex tuża l-potenzjal tal-mara

Ugwaljanza u ekwità – għall-kultura globali ta’ paċi, rispett u dinjità. Dan kien il-messaġġ ċentrali f’lecture li tat il-President ta’ Malta, Marie-Louis Coleiro Preca, fl-università George Mason f’Washington. It-tema tal-lecture fl-Università George Mason f’Washington, daret ma kif il-paċi tista’ tinkiseb ukoll lil hinn mill-kunċett Patrijarkali – fejn ir-raġel huwa ċentrali f’kull aspett tal-ħajja u t-teħid […] The post Il-President f’Washington: Id-dinja trid tisfida l-istrutturi biex tuża l-potenzjal tal-mara appeared first on TVM.


Sports, briju u mużika jiddominaw f'Ta' Qali

Il-Festival kien jinkludi sports, mużika, diskussjonijiet fost l-oħraj

Franġisku jappella biex il-fidi f'Malta tinfetaħ għal orizzonti ġodda bl-immigrazzjoni

Waqt laqgħa li kellu mad-diretturi nazzjonali ta’ organizzazzjonijiet tal-Knisja li jaħdmu fil-qasam tal-migrazzjoni, il-Papa ltaqa' ma' Mons. Alfred Vella

Il-maltemp għal għada...u l-airshow?

Id-dilettanti tal-ajruplani u l-organizzaturi tal-Malta International Airshow ma tantx huma kuntenti bit-tbassir tat-temp għal għada.

Suċċess għal sena oħra

​Għal sena oħra l-Malta International Airshow kienet ta’ suċċess.

Filmat: Jirriżulta l-bżonn ta' mentor biex jakkumpanja lill-youth leaders

Permezz tax-xogħol tal-youth leaders, iktar żgħażagħ qed jirnexxielhom jakkwistaw ħiliet ġodda

Aġġornata: Persuni l-isptar wara ħabta fiż-Żurrieq

Fuq il-post issejħet ambulanza li ħadet lis-sewwieq u lill-passiġġiera tal-mutur l-Isptar.

Muscat jiltaqa' ma' Obama

Dr Muscat jinsab fl-Istati Uniti għall-Assemblea Ġenerali tal-UN

​Elezzjoni għal Kumitat Eżekuttiv tal-Assoċjazzjoni tal-Kunsilli Lokali

Se ssir elezzjoni biex jinħatar Kumitat Eżekuttiv tal-Assoċjazzjoni tal-Kunsilli Lokali.

Sistema ġdida fir-Reġistru Pubbliku

Tħabbret sistema ġdida kompjuterizzata fid-Dipartiment tar-Riċerki fir-Reġistru Pubbliku, wieħed mit-taqsimiet fi ħdan l-Aġenzija Identity Malta.

Taqtax qalbek: Ma telqitx għal kollox

Sadanittant skont is-sit, ix-xita hija mistennija għada, il-Ħadd, u tista' tkun akkumpanjata minn xi sajjetti, iżda mhux mistenni li jinżel ammont kbir ta' xita.

Jitħabbru r-rati tal-imgħax ta’ żewġ stocks tal-Gvern

It-Teżor ħabbar li r-rati tal-imgħax tal-Istock tal-Gvern ta’ Malta 2018 (VI) b’Rata tal-Imgħax li Tvarja u marbuta mal-Euribor tas-sitt xhur u tal-Istock tal-Gvern ta’ Malta 2019 (IV) b’Rata tal-Imgħax li Tvarja u marbuta mal-Euribor tas-sitt xhur

Jinġabar 750kg skart minn voluntiera ġewwa Pembroke

Nhar is-Sibt li għadda, inġabar iktar minn 750kg skart minn 160 voluntier.

Arrestati żewġt irġiel fuq serq f'Tas-Sliema u San Ġiljan

Dawn l-aħħar jiem l-investigazzjoni dwar dawn is-serqiet intensifikaw u diversi persuni ta’ nazzjonalita’ Rumena kienu qed jiġu sorveljati.

Ġirja madwar ir-Rabat tippromwovi ħajja attiva fost l-Għawdxin

Il-Fondazzjoni OASI qed torganizza l-avveniment sportiv Oasi Cup Run għar-raba’ sena konsekuttiva.

L-MDA tfaħħar proposti biex jgħinu lit-tfal bid-dyslexia

L-uffiċjali tal-Assoċjazzjoni qalu li taw is-sehem tagħhom f’dan ir-rapport, u li issa qed tistenna bil-ħerqa l-bidliet fis-sistema tal-edukazzjoni u tal-eżamijiet lokali.

​Is-7 Distrett bis-soluzzjoni għas-siġġu ta’ Delia?

Id-deputat l-ieħor, Jean Pierre Debono, huwa sostenitur kbir ta’ Delia u għalhekk, jgħidu l-istess osservaturi politiċi, m’għandux ikollu problema biex iċedi postu biex isolvi l-problema li għandu l-Kap tal-PN.

​600 għalliem u 200 LSA ġdid fl-iskejjel mill-ġimgħa d-dieħla

Tħabbar ukoll li 4,432 student se jieħdu t-tablet f’din is-sena skolastika.

Tinħass theżżiża viċin sit tal-provi nukleari

Skont il-midja internazzjonali s-sors tat-theżżiża kien viċin sit tal-provi nukleari, fejn diversi theżżiżiet inħassu fil-passat waqt provi tal-armi.

Minn 17 sa 62 sena; Jintgħażlu l-parteċipanti ta' LEAD

Il-parteċipanti kienu mitluba jaħsbu dwar tliet inizjattivi li bihom tista’ tinbidel il-politika f’Malta.

Ritratti: Għaddejja maratona ta’ 60 siegħa futbol b'risq Puttinu Cares

Puttinu Cares bħalissa qed tiġbor il-fondi biex tibni iktar appartamenti għal nies morda bil-kanċer.

Tmut tarbija ta' xahrejn waqt il-magħmudija

Tliet persuni biss irnexxilhom isalvaw, filwaqt li 11-il membru tal-familja nstabu mejta taħt it-tifrik tal-knisja fil-Messiku.

Il-Kanċillier Angela Merkel mistennija tirbaħ l-elezzjoni fil-Ġermanja

Jekk tirbaħ, dan ikun ir-raba’ mandat konsekuttiv tagħha bħala Kanċillier tal-Ġermanja.