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No sign of terrorism in Berlin shooting incident

A German police officer shot and wounded a man who threatened another officer with a weapon in the car park of a Berlin hospital, but the incident did not appear related to terrorism, a police spokesman said. "There are no signs whatsoever of terrorism, but rather of a mentally unstable person," the spokesman said. German authorities have been on high security alert since December, when an Islamist militant drove a truck at high speed into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12. The Berlin police spokesman said the motives of the man who menaced the police officer were not yet known and that he had said nothing while pointing his weapon. He said the man was shot in the leg and underwent surgery at the hospital in the Kreuzberg district of Germany's capital.

United Airlines to give $10,000 to passengers who give up their seats

Giving up your seat on United just got a less painful. The airline said today it will offer passengers who forfeit seats on overbooked flights up to $10,000. The carrier figures it will cost them less that a repeat of the incident where a passenger, David Dao was forcibly dragged from his seat to make room for United crew members. Dao's lawyer said he incurred a concussion, broken nose and lost two front teeth. The new policy also comes after rival Delta outlined plans of its own for cash compensation - United's offer topping Delta's by 50 dollars. Dao was yanked from a flight from Chicago to Louisville by authorities. United later saying it will no longer call law enforcement in such situations, and that passengers who've already boarded will never be asked to deplane. United CEO Oscar Munoz, who's been under fire for the debacle, last week forfeited his role as company chairman, which was planned for 2018.

Two court messengers under investigation

Two court messengers are under investigation for having hidden a file containing documents on a pending criminal case. The investigation is being led by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech. The reason for the messengers' action is not known, the Ministry of Justice said.  Their movements were recorded on CCTV.  The police have also been called.  The two messengers have been suspended.  

PN approves coalition with Marlene Farrugia's Democratic Party

The executive of the Nationalist Party has unanimously approved a coalition agreement with the Democratic Party, which is headed by former Labour MP Marlene Farrugia.  The Democratic Party candidates will contest the forthcoming general election on the PN list, forming what the PN described as Forza Nazzjonali (National Force) Coalition talks started in September when PN leader Simon Busuttil said the PN was open to all those who wished to work together to give Malta a new government that was clean and honest, the PN said.  Dr Busuttil in a statement today said the country could no longer remain in a situation where the prime minister was under criminal investigation.  The details of the coalition agreement will be given tomorrow morning. 

PN approves five more election candidates

Five candidates for the general election have been approved by the executive of the Nationalist Party, raising the number of candidates so far to 93. The new candidates are Ruben Teeling, Ray Bugeja, Maria Deguara, Edward Torpiano and David Stellini. PN leader Simon Busuttil thanked all candidates for their commitment to giving the people the country they deserved.  

Skaters call for removal of billboards at Msida park

Skaters risk getting injured every time they whirl off ramps at the Msida skatepark as billboards have been set up close to the half-pipes there. Two billboards were put up some months ago to the surprise of the many skaters who visit the park regularly. The billboards pose a danger to the skaters as they are too close to the spot where those on skateboards and bicycles land. No applications for any such billboards at the skatepark could be traced through the Planning Authority’s map server and questions sent to the authority remained unanswered by the time of writing. Meanwhile, an online petition by skaters calling for consultation on “the proper placement of billboards” has over 500 signatures. The petition is calling on the authorities to ensure that the safety of those using the park is taken into consideration before any such structures are installed. “The Msida skatepark has been in a poor state for years. Two or three times a year we spend days or even weeks making phone calls to the respective authorities to see what is going to be done about lights not working, overflowing bins and other maintenance issues,” skater Julian Delia said. He said this was not the first time...

Russian spy ship sinks off Turkey's Black Sea coast after collision

A Russian naval intelligence ship sank off Turkey's Black Sea coast after colliding with a vessel carrying livestock and all 78 personnel on board the navy ship were evacuated, Turkish officials said. The rescued crew members of the Russian ship Liman were in good health after the collision with the Togo-flagged Youzarsif H, Turkey's Transport Minister Ahmed Arslan said. The incident took place in fog and low visibility 18 miles (29 km) from Kilyos village on the Black Sea coast just north of Istanbul. Turkish authorities dispatched a tugboat and three fast rescue vessels, the coastal safety authority said. Advisers to Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim conveyed his sadness over the incident to Russian counterparts, according to sources in his office. Relations between the two countries have suffered from political disputes over the civil war in Syria, where Moscow and Ankara support different factions. Russian warships frequently pass through the narrow Bophorus Strait, which cuts through Istanbul, on their way from the Black Sea to Syria's Mediterranean coast. A spokesman for Hammami Livestock which owns the Youzarsif H said there had been no loss of life on board the vessel.

Astrid Vella handing over - FAA launches fresh identity

Environmental NGO Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar has launched a revamped brand identity to represent a younger, fresher outlook as part of a major revamp. The NGO also announced that its coordinator Astrid Vella is handing over as she is moving overseas. “This new branding will appeal to professional and creative young people, students, business leaders and families but does not shed the qualities and history that led us here. “The colours chosen reflect the natural and built environment of the Maltese islands, with the outline of the Valletta skyline standing as an iconic standard-bearer for the beauty and heritage of our islands and a pertinent reminder of precisely what is at risk in the coming years,” committee member Tara Cassar told the FAA’s annual general meeting. Astrid Vella said the organisation was making major changes in response to the challenges that Malta was facing on the environmental and heritage scene “with so many new planning policies being conceived and systematically manipulated to favour development on a scale that threatens to rob us not only of our heritage gems but also of our health”. “Over the past year, FAA has seen the travesty of the Townsquare...

The scourge of omertà

Francis Vassallo, an expert in the financial world, recently spoke out without reservation and declared that the situation in Malta is beyond worrying. He went as far as to say that unless the competent authorities take action immediately the financial industry in Malta is at risk of collapsing. This shocking revelation only hit the news in certain media outlets while it was completely disregarded by others. However, what I find most shocking is that only one person has spoken up. It is alarming that all the thousands of others who work in financial services keep silent while Malta burns. Alarming not just because the silent are complicit but because by believing they are safeguarding their own vested interests they are in reality betraying them. If Malta’s reputation is lost what will they tell their clients and their colleagues abroad? Who would want to trade here except some bogus operators? The silence of the many is deafening and disgusting. Even the Malta Institute of Accountants is too quiet for its own sake. Their president recently wrote an article in the Times of Malta. But again did it go far enough? Did it say what sort of action the accountancy board has taken with...

BOV raises interim dividend

The MSE Share Index moved back into negative territory today as it slipped 0.1% lower to a fresh 3-month low of 4,693.829 points largely due to the declines in RS2 and MIA but also due to the sharp decline in GlobalCapital. On the other hand, IHI was the only positive performing equity with another four equities, including BOV and HSBC, ending today’s session unchanged. This afternoon, Bank of Valletta plc published its interim results covering the six months ended 31 March 2017. The bank reported an 8.1% increase in pre-tax profits to just over €74 million as the €5.3 million net reversal of impairments (as opposed to a charge of €8.1 million in the previous comparable period) and the surge in share profits from associate companies to €8.9 million offset the 8.3% decline in total operating income to €123.2 million and the 8.5% increase in non-interest expenses to €63.4 million. The directors also declared a net interim gross dividend of €0.045 per share (net: €0.0293) representing a 24% increase over the previous interim dividend. Nonetheless, the directors noted that within a 12-month period the Bank will be seeking to raise €150 million in fresh equity capital. On the...

Malta Independent

Daphne Caruana Galizia asked by magistrate to present documents in court

Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia today was asked by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja in court to present her documents to back up her claims regarding the Egrant allegations.Speaking to The Malta Independent, Ms Caruana Galizia said that she did not provide any documents. When asked whether, following this, she was ordered to do so, the journalist replied "there was no such order, any such order would be illegal," clarifying that she "was there as a witness, not a subject."Daphne Caruana Galizia was today summoned by the magistrate as part of the magisterial inquiry into the Egrant situation ordered by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat last week."It is not the job of journalists to give any evidence they come across to the police," explained Ms Caruana Galizia. "Journalists are not required to give information to the police. I'll give you one example, the ICIJ, and those who have full access to the Panama Papers have to sign a watertight agreement not to publish the documents and not to cooperate with any state authorities," she said, "be it the police, be it the tax authorities, be it the court, they are not allowed to cooperate. And there are penalties. The tax authorities and police all over the world would love to have access to the Panama Papers, but they can't. "Magistrate Aaron Bugeja has started the inquiry about the allegations made by journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia that the mysterious Egrant company set up in Panama is or was owned by the Prime Minister's wife Michelle Muscat, an allegation rejected by the Prime Minister.

Two court messengers under investigation after hiding a court file

Two court messengers are under investigation for hiding a court file, a statement released this evening by the Ministry for Justice said.The file that the messengers hid contained documents of a pending criminal case.The Ministry said that the reason why the messengers hid this file is unknown; however their movements were caught on a CCTV camera. Both of them have been suspended.The police have been called in and the investigation is being led by Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech.

Coalition agreement between the PN and Marlene Farrugia’s party

The Nationalist Party this evening said that the coalition agreement between the PN and the Democratic Party (PD) has been approved by its executive.The PD, which is headed by Dr Marlene Farrugia, will be contesting the coming general election on the PN list. The PN said that with this agreement Forza Nazzjonali (National Force) has been formed.PN said that talks about coalition started last September when both PN leader Simon Busuttil and Dr Farrugia started discussing the possibility of joining forces to give Malta a new government that was clean and honest.  Dr Busutil said that, "the country can't remain in this situation any longer and having a prime minister who is under criminal investigation." Details of the coalition agreement will be given tomorrow morning. 

PANA committee says Maltese government fails to present documents

The Chair of the Panama Papers Inquiry Committee (PANA - Committee of Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion) of the European Parliament announced today that the Maltese government failed to present documents requested by the same inquiry committee, an EPP statement said.“It is unacceptable that this government continues to drag Malta through this mess even at the European level. It has now reached unbearable levels,” said the Head of the PN Delegation David Casa MEP soon after the Committee meeting.“In light of the fresh revelations, added to the long list of previous allegations, I believe that the European Parliament, a beacon for free speech and rule of law, should put this topic on its agenda. As it has shown with determination in the past, the European parliament is on the side of European citizens and is always ready to take a stand on their behalf,” said MEP David Casa.Mr Keith Schembri was asked again to appear in front of the Panama Papers Committee during the next plenary session in Strasbourg on 18 May. 

PN executive approves five new candidates for the general election

This evening the Nationalist Party in a statement said that the party executive has approved 5 new candidates for the coming general election.The new candidates are Ruben Teeling, Ray Bugeja, Maria Deguara, Edward Torpiano and David Stellini. PN leader Simon Busuttil thanked all candidates for their commitment.

Minister Jose' Herrera agrees to put Wasteserv employees on indefinite contract

The government has agreed to put Wasteserv and JF contracted employees on indefinite contracts following efforts by UHM Voice of the Workers.The Malta Independent is informed that Minister for the Environment Jose' Herrera will tomorrow head to the Wasteserv head offices to speak about the new arrangements with the company's employees.Before the change of administration, Wasteserv employees were employed on indefinite contract. But when the Labour Party took over the government, the entity started to employ workers on a definite contract of six months. UHM Voice of the Workers has since the beginning trying to negotiate with the government to have these indefinite contracts restored so that the new employees employed after March 2013, are not discriminated.Following talks between UHM and Ministry for the Environment the government decided to change things and have workers employed on definite contract of six months for the first period, and then shift to a three-year contract.   Now, Minister Herrera has decided to bring Wasteserv workers back to their original indefinite contracts, irrespective of whether they were employed before or after the change of government. This means that now, every employee will be in par with each other with regards to employment contracts.Tomorrow, the Minister will speak with the employees to make the announcement.

INDEPTH: I am not a weather-vane, I am a pillar of the PL – Jean Claude Micallef

“I am not a weather-vane, I am a pillar of the Labour Party”, PL candidate and TV presenter Jean Claude Micallef said. Interviewed by The Malta Independent news editor Rachel Attard on INDEPTH, Mr Micallef said that, “I consider myself as a strong person who is able to decide for myself and remain strong in my beliefs.”Mr Micallef said that this is the first time he is contesting the general election and it will be in his natural home, the PL.” The PL candidate said that “it took courage to go back to the Labour Party but I felt could not belong in the Nationalist Party any longer”.Mr Micallef will be contesting the third district, (Ghaxaq, Zejtun, Marsaxlokk and Marsascala)The full interview will be uploaded tomorrow 

Chamber of Commerce calls on politicians for political stability

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in a statment issued this evening called on politicians for political stability. The Chamber said that it has followed with utmost concern the recent developments taking place in the current political scenario.The country's political leaders know where the Chamber stands on issues of national interest because it has never shied away from expressing its views.  As a responsible organization, the Chamber believes that business cannot thrive without economic and political stability.In the interest of continued economic prosperity, therefore, the Chamber urges all political parties to exercise caution and maturity to ensure Malta's reputation as a respectable global centre for business is safeguarded.

Keith Schembri applies to become PN volunteer, party says

OPM chief of staff today applied to become a volunteer with the Nationalist Party, the PN said in a statement“Accused with a crime that could lead to 18 years in prison, this morning the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, instead of answering journalists’ questions on his behaviour, used his time to log onto the PN website and apply to become a volunteer,” the PN said in a statement.In an attempt to take people who follow him on Facebook for a ride, Keith Schembri then uploaded a post with a copy of an automatic email that is sent to all those who volunteer to work for the PN.What Keith Schembri did not say is that he was the one to apply. “Even on something like this, Keith Schembri is lying,” the PN said.The PN’s doors are open to people who want to give their time for the PN, but for Keith Schembri the door is closed.

Updated (2): Busuttil testifies in Egrant inquiry, says magistrate to investigate documents provided

PN leader Simon Busuttil this morning testified before Magistrate Aaron Bugeja in the inquiry on the Egrant saga.After a two-hour testimony, Dr Busuttil told the media that he has presented documents to the magistrate, and these will be investigated. He said that the Prime Minister should shoulder his responsibilities in the wake of these revelations, adding that any extra day he spends in power he is causing more damage to the country.Questioned by the media regarding the call for an early election, Dr Busuttil commented that it is not normal for a Government elected with a 36,000 majority to hold an election after only four years. "That in itself already shows that there’s something which isn’t normal," he said."The only reason the PM wants an early election is to avoid being interrogated in the ongoing investigation," he said.               Dr Busuttil said that he is not publishing the documents he presented to the magistrate to protect his sources and in order to show others that it is safe to come forward with information.Dr Busuttil refused to say whether his source was the FIAU report which investigated the issue.He told the press that he provided proof to the Magistrate regarding both Egrant and the citizenship scheme.He also confirmed that he has still not been approached by the police commissioner.On Tuesday, the Opposition Leader said he had documented proof that OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri took kickbacks from Nexia BT’s Brian Tonna on sale of passports. On Wednesday he filed an application to testify before Magistrate Aaron Bugeja, who is conducting an inquiry into the Egrant saga.The application was accepted by the magistrate, and Dr Busuttil is now in court to give his testimony.Dr Busuttil said that he will only present the proof he has to the magistrate, as he has no confidence in the police commissioner. Daphne Caruana Galizia arrives in court from The Malta Independent on Vimeo. Blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia also appeared before the magistrate this morning.She had initially turned down the request to testify, however arrived at the Malta courts after being summoned by the magistrate.Speaking to The Malta Independent as she waited to testify, Daphne Caruana Galizia said she will be testifying on what is already public. 


Investigati u sospiżi żewġ messaġġiera li jaħdmu l-Qorti

Żewġ messaġġiera li jaħdmu l-Qorti ġew sospiżi u qed jiġu investigati mill-Maġistrat tal-Għassa Donatella Frendo Dimech wara li rriżulta li għal xi raġuni mhux magħrufa ħbew proċess ta’ kawża kriminali pendenti. Stqarrija maħruġa mill-Ministeru għall-Ġustizzja qalet li l-movimenti taż-żewġ messaġġiera ġew maqbuda mis-sistema ta’ sigurtà li hemm il-Qorti. Immedjatament ġew mgħarrfa kemm il-Pulizija kif ukoll […] The post Investigati u sospiżi żewġ messaġġiera li jaħdmu l-Qorti appeared first on TVM.

Jintlaħaq ftehim bejn il-PN u l-PD – il-kandidati tal-PD fuq il-lista tal-PN

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista ħabbar li l-Kumitat Eżekuttiv illejla approva b’mod unanimu ftehim mal-Partit Demokratiku biex għall-elezzjoni ġenerali li jmiss, il-kandidati tal-Partit Demokratiku jikkontestaw fuq il-lista tal-Partit Nazzjonalista, f’dik li qed isejjaħ bħala Forza Nazzjonali. Fi stqarrija, il-PN qal li d-diskussjonijiet bejn iż-żewġ naħat ilhom li bdew minn Settembru li għadda meta l-Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Simon Busuttil […] The post Jintlaħaq ftehim bejn il-PN u l-PD – il-kandidati tal-PD fuq il-lista tal-PN appeared first on TVM.

Inawgurati uffiċini ġodda tal-BOV fil-Gżira

Il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat inawgura uffiċini ġodda tal-Bank of Valletta fi Triq ix-Xatt, il-Gżira. Il-binja l-ġdida li saret b’investiment ta’ €1.9 miljun qed tilqa’ fiha l-fergħa tal-BOV u ċ-Ċentru għal Investimenti li ser ikunu qed jaqdu lill-komunità lokali, kif ukoll il-funzjoni tal-Ethics and Employee Development u ċ-Ċentru ta’ Taħriġ, li ġew rilokati mill-Belt Valletta. F’diskors […] The post Inawgurati uffiċini ġodda tal-BOV fil-Gżira appeared first on TVM.

Imutu siegħa ‘l bogħod minn xulxin wara 69 sena flimkien

Koppja minn Illinois li kienu ilhom miżżewġin għal dawn l-aħħar 69 sena mietu siegħa bogħod minn xulxin. Il-każ seħħ is-Sibt li għadda. Issac Vatkin ta’ 91 sena kien qiegħed iżomm idejn martu Teresa ta’ 89 sena meta f’ħin bla waqt ħadet l-aħħar nifsijiet ta’ ħajjitha. Hija kienet tbati mill-marda tal-Alzheimer. Ulied il-koppja rrakkontaw mal-midja Amerikana […] The post Imutu siegħa ‘l bogħod minn xulxin wara 69 sena flimkien appeared first on TVM.

Il-PL jgħid li Busuttil ireġġa’ l-arloġġ lura għall-medjokrità fil-qasam tas-saħħa f’Għawdex

Il-Partit Laburista permezz tal-Ministru tas-Saħħa Chris Fearne u d-Deputat Franco Mercieca qal li Dr Busuttil ireġġa’ l-arloġġ lura għall-medjokrità fil-qasam tas-saħħa f’Għawdex. Il-Kelliema kienu qed iwieġbu għad-diskors li għamel f’Għawdex ilbieraħ il-Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni dwar l-isptar f’Għawdex li issa qed jitmexxa mill-privat. Il-Ministru Fearne qal li fl-2013 l-isptar Ġenerali ta’ Għawdex kien fi stat dilapidat u […] The post Il-PL jgħid li Busuttil ireġġa’ l-arloġġ lura għall-medjokrità fil-qasam tas-saħħa f’Għawdex appeared first on TVM.

L-aġenzija Moody’s tiddeskrivi bħala sorpriża s-surplus ta’ Malta

L-aġenzija Moody’s iddeskriviet bħala sorpriża li Malta kellha surplus ta’ 1 fil-mija fil-finanzi tal-Gvern is-sena li għaddiet meta kien proġettat li jkollha defiċit ta’ 0.8 fil-mija. F’rapport dwar iċ-ċifri fiskali maħruġa mill-Eurostat, l-ekonomisti ta Moody’s qalu li dan is-surplus huwa pożittiv għaliex jirriżulta wkoll li naqas il-piż tad-dejn tal-Gvern li issa niżel taħt is-sittin fil-mija […] The post L-aġenzija Moody’s tiddeskrivi bħala sorpriża s-surplus ta’ Malta appeared first on TVM.

Raġel arrestat viċin il-Parlament Ingliż – jinvestigaw basket mimli skieken

Il-Pulizija għalqu triq ewlenija f’Westminster, wara li arrestaw raġel ftit ‘il bogħod mill-bini tal-Parlament. Il-Pulizija qalet li qed tinvestiga l-każ u li ma jidher li ndarab ħadd. Fuq il-post kien hemm ukoll uffiċjali tal-forensika li dehru jeżaminaw basket mimli skieken fuq il-bankina f’Whitehall. Ir-raġel ġie arrestat ftit ‘il bogħod minn fejn seħħ l-attakk tax-xahar li […] The post Raġel arrestat viċin il-Parlament Ingliż – jinvestigaw basket mimli skieken appeared first on TVM.

AD tenfasizza l-kontribut tan-negozji żgħar lill-ekonomija

It-tmexxija ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika żaret l-istabbiliment Magi Cycles fil-Mosta biex tenfasizza l-kontribut li jagħtu n-negozji żgħar lill-ekonomija. L-Uffiċjali tal-Alternattiva saħqu fuq il-ħtieġa ta’ mezzi ta’ trasport li ma jħammġux l-ambjent, fosthom ir-roti tal-elettriku. Iċ-Chairman ta’ Alternattiva Arnold Cassola qal li hemm bżonn li jsiru aktar inċentivi favur mezzi ta’ trasport nadif. Huwa lmenta li l-burokrazija […] The post AD tenfasizza l-kontribut tan-negozji żgħar lill-ekonomija appeared first on TVM.

PM: 145 kumpanija privata qed jimpjegaw mill-inqas persuna waħda b’diżabilità

Il-persuni b’diżabilità fis-suq tax-xogħol ġew diskussi f’konferenza organizzata minn Jobsplus u l-Fondazzjoni Lino Spiteri. Il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat qal li l-persuni b’diżabilità b’impjieg full time żdied b’aktar minn elf sa Ottubru tas-sena l-oħra. Dr Muscat qal li dan sar fost oħrajn wara li l-Gvern daħħal fis-seħħ liġi li kienet hemm is-snin, iżda qatt ma kienet […] The post PM: 145 kumpanija privata qed jimpjegaw mill-inqas persuna waħda b’diżabilità appeared first on TVM.

Jonqsu l-ġurijiet pendenti u l-appelli

Statistika miġbura mill-Qrati Maltin turi li fl-ewwel tliet xhur ta’ din is-sena, in-numru ta’ ġurijiet pendenti, naqas b’27 fil-mija meta mqabbel ma’ ħames snin ilu, u l-ammont ta’ appelli minn ġurijiet pendenti, naqas b’iktar min-nofs fl-istess perjodu. F’konferenza tal-aħbarijiet, il-Ministru għall-Ġustizzja Owen Bonnici, filwaqt li esprima sodisfazzjon għal dan, qal li quddiem il-Qorti tal-Appell Kriminali […] The post Jonqsu l-ġurijiet pendenti u l-appelli appeared first on TVM.


Pakistan: "Għandu jgħid min tah il-flus biex ma jikxifx fuq il-Panama Papers"

Il-Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni tal-Pakistan, Syed Khursheed Shah qal li jekk il-Kap tal-Partit Politiku Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, ma jgħidx min offrilu €143 miljun għandu jitlaq mill-politika.

BOV b'fergħa fil-Gżira

​Il-BOV fetaħ uffiċċji u fergħa ġdida fil-Gżira.

Investigati żewġ messaġġiera tal-Qorti

Żewġ messaġġiera li jaħdmu l-Qorti qed jiġu investigati wara li rriżulta li għal xi raġuni mhux magħrufa ħbew proċess ta’ kawża kriminali pendenti.

Appell għal iktar assistenza legali fid-drittijiet tal-bniedem

L-NGO Aditus qed tappella għal iktar miżuri favur assistenza legali fil-qasam tad-drittijiet fundamentali tal-bniedem.

Konfermata: Il-PD u l-PN se jikkontestaw flimkien

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista approva l-ftehim mal-Partit Demokratiku biex b’hekk fl-elezzjoni ġenerali li jmiss, il-kandidati tal-PD se jikkontestaw fuq il-lista tal-PN.

L-Imdina se tgħix il-passat

Fi tmiem il-ġimgħa l-Imdina se tilbes libsa medjevali.

"Il-kultura għandha rwol fil-politika"

L-Ewroparlamentari Nazzjonalista Therese Comodini Cachia saħqet li l-kultura għandha rwol importanti sabiex joħorġu fil-beraħ in-nofs veritajiet fil-politika.

Ċans li tirbaħ il-flus f'Għawdex dan il-weekend

In-numri tal-kards rebbieħa se jitilgħu bil-polza fit-12 ta’ Mejju.

Fliexken tal-ilma aktar komdi biex iġġorrhom

Kelliema għall-kumpanija qalet li dan il-flixkun mhux se jieħu post il-flixkun tal-500ml

Awdjo: “Iż-żieda fil-paga minima mhix se tħalli effett” – Charles Miceli

Newsbook.com.mt tkellem ma' wieħed mill-esponenti tal-Kampanja Paga Minima Diċenti

16-il kamra tan-nar f'taqtiegħa għal aħjar raddiena

16-il kamra tan-nar se tipparteċipa fil-11-il edizzjoni tal-Festival Nazzjonali tal-Logħob tan-Nar tal-Art.

Pass eqreb fil-Parlament Ewropew sabiex jieqaf għalkollox l-użu tal-merkurju

L-Ewroparlamentari Miriam Dalli sostniet li kien ilu jinħass il-bżonn li jittieħdu miżuri sabiex iċ-ċittadini u l-ambjent jiġu protetti minn din is-sustanza

"Il-PN ireġġa' lura għall-medjokrità fis-saħħa f'Għawdex"

Il-Partit Laburista qal li l-Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista Simon Busuttil ireġġa' l-arloġġ lura għall-medjokrità fil-qasam tas-saħħa f'Għawdex.

L-Alitalia pass 'il bogħod mid-daqqa finali

Dan hekk kif il-ħaddiema rrifjutaw ftehim li seta’ jevita l-kollass tal-kumpanija

Skema ta' self għal nies vulnerabbli biex jixtru proprjetà

Nies li jinsabu fil-lista ta’ stennija għal akkomodazzjoni soċjali u jridu jixtru dar u għandhom impjieg stabbli, se jingħataw loan sa massimu ta’ €100,000.

DNCE u Jonas Blue fost l-istilel fl-MTV ta' dis-sena

Dawn iż-żewġ karattri mix-xena mużikali se jkunu qed jingħaqdu mal-grupp Chainsmokers

L-aġenzija Moody’s sorpriża bis-surplus

L-aġenzija internazzjonali Moody’s qalet li s-surplus li kisbet Malta s-sena li għaddiet ta’ 1% huwa sorpriża.

Saċerdot imut għax ma twasslitlux mediċina fil-ħin

Dun Jose’ Luis Arismendi, saċerdot ta’ 35 sena, aktar kmieni dan ix-xahar miet fil-belt ta’ Merida, fil-Venezuela, għax mediċina li kellu bżonn urġenti ma twasslitlux fil-ħin minħabba s-sitwazzjoni li hemm fil-pajjiż.

Raġel arrestat f'Londra b'suspett ta' terroriżmu

​Raġel ta’ 20 sena li kien qed iġorr skieken viċin il-Parlament ġie arrestat b’suspett ta’ terroriżmu.

L-AD trid sistema nazzjonali ta' toroq għar-roti tad-dawl

Dan intqal waqt żjara tal-Ħodor fi stabbilment tar-roti

Jonqsu bi 15% l-persuni b'diżabbiltà li qed ifittxu xogħol

Sadanittant, il-persuni jfittxu x-xogħol f'Marzu 2017 naqsu b'31% fuq Marzu 2016

Estiża l-iskema biex wieħed jixtri karozza li tħammeġ inqas

TM qalet li l-Gvern alloka €400,000 sabiex min għadu ma bbenefikax mill-iskema jkollu ċans ieħor