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Grand Lottery jackpot won

The Grand Lottery jackpot of €430,000 has been won. The ticket was purchased from Marsa.

Maltese Presidency of the EU was 'efficient and impressive' - Donald Tusk

European Council President Donald Tusk today described the Maltese EU presidency as efficient saying it was one of the best experiences he had in his professional life. He mentioned the end of roaming charges and the work done on migration and international security as "some of the impressive and excellent work" that had been done. “You deserve all the praise you are getting,” Mr Tusk said. Dr Muscat spoke on the good collaboration between European institutions in the past six months for results to be achieved. On migration, he said that although there was disappointment that not all member states were doing what they were expected to do, progress had still been achieved and Libyan coast guards were being trained. Italy had also donated four boats to Libyan authorities for these to help in missions. Conditions were improved in four detention centres and the International Migration Organisation assisted 5,000 people to voluntarily return to their country of origin from Libya.

PD MPs to be invited to PN parliamentary group meetings

Partit Demokratiku MPs Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia are to start being invited to meetings of the Opposition Parliamentary group when this is debating matters of a parliamentary nature, the Nationalist Party said today. It said in a statement this was decided by its parliamentary group today. Both sides will coordinate for voting purposes and the two PD MPs would be expected to abide by the Opposition Parliamentary Group whip’s discipline. The Opposition's work in Parliament was to be strong and effective and would keep the Joseph Muscat government under continuous scrutiny, the PN said. The PN parliamentary group also decided it would be voting in favour of the law on same-sex marriages when this is moved for debate next week. It said it would be voting in favour at all stages. This commitment, the PN said, reflected the promise made in its electoral programme. PN MPs would be moving a number of amendments at committee stage for the Bill to be improved. 

Students to showcase engineering prototypes

A control platform for a tiny satellite device, an alloy for biodegradable body implants and a cooling fan speed controller are among prototype engineering models which will be showcased at the University of Malta. Designed by undergraduate students as part of their dissertation, the projects will be on display at the various Faculty of Engineering laboratories, at the Tal-Qroqq campus on July 1 and 2. A total of 80 projects will be on display in this event which is in its 28th edition, comprising a wide selection of topical areas related to the biomedical field, renewable energy, the environment, electronic products, robotics, transportation, new materials and surface treatments. Some of these prototype devices were yesterday on display during a media preview event. Electrical engineering student Jeanluc Mangion designed a cooling fan speed controller for a race car engine, whereby the fan’s velocity depends on the temperature. Such set-up allows for a lighter battery use, hence improving overall fuel efficiency. Another project, designed by Ramses Rotin, consisted of a control platform for tiny satellites which can fit in the palm of a hand. Known as pico satellites, these...

Five electrocuted at water park in Turkey

Five people, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, have died after being electrocuted at a water park pool in north-west Turkey, media reports said. The three children were caught up in an electrical current in the pool in the town of Akyazi, in Sakarya province, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. The park's manager and his son were killed when they dived into the pool to try to save the flailing children, according to the private Dogan news agency. All five were rushed to hospital in Akyazi but could not be saved. Anadolu said a sixth person was also taken to hospital with injuries. The children were aged 12, 15 and 17, according to the private NTV television channel. Gendarmerie officers were conducting an investigation into what caused the electrocutions, Dogan reported. Television footage showed ambulances waiting outside the water park and several people gathered outside Akyazi State Hospital.

No formal bids for film studios in Rinella

A fresh decision on the privatisation process of the Malta Film Studios in Rinella, will be made because a first attempt attracted no formal bids, the Times of Malta is informed. Although five companies had originally expressed interest in running the film studios, none moved on to submit a proposal when the process entered its second and most crucial stage. The call for expressions of interest for the construction, redevelopment, maintenance and operation of the film facilities had been made by the Tourism Ministry. Former tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis had described the interest by Golden Zephyr, of the United States, two Italian companies – Island Productions and Sefat Spa – and by Pinewood and Mediante, both from Britain, as very encouraging and a clear sign of trust in Malta’s film industry. However, when the formal request for proposals was launched, the privatisation process hit a snag because no concrete bids were made. “The government believes there is potential for a better outcome than what was achieved in the RFP process, which concluded without any bid meeting the set technical requirements”, a Tourism Ministry spokesman said. “The government is evaluating...

€3.5 million Qawra/Buġibba project completed

A €3.5 million project to improve the Buġibba and Qawra promenades has been completed, Transport Malta said. The authority said it applied 42,000 square metres of asphalt on 4.32km of roads in a major touristic area, in time for the main touristic season. It scheduled the work around weekends, public holidays and hotel commitments to minimise disruption. Apart from roadworks, contractors replaced numerous household connections and painted new line markings. The investment is the first from the newly introduced eco-contributions paid by tourists. It was carried out with the assistance of the Tourism Ministry and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association.

Obstructing vessel being removed from Magħluq Bay

The vessel San Marco, which has been obstructing Magħluq Bay in Marsaxlokk, is being removed this weekend, Transport Malta said. It said the contractor was setting up rigging today and would be mobilising machinery on the bay tomorrow for the salvage operation to start on Sunday. A crane barge would pull the vessel towards deeper waters. Divers have already checked the seabed to ensure there were no obstructions that might damage the hull or the seabed during the pulling. For safety reasons, the beach and the surrounding area would be restricted, TM said, adding that its officers and the police would be present to oversee the operation. The bay will be reopened to the public next week.

More Valletta ferries for Isle of MTV concert

Valletta Ferry Services will be extending its hours of service on June 28 due to the Isle of MTV concert, being held at the Granaries in Floriana on June 27. It said in a statement that the last Ferry from Valletta to Sliema and from Valletta to the Three Cities will leave at 2am. More information from email info@vallettaferryservices.com or telephone 2346 3862.

Vulnerable youths to be targeted using €8m EEA and Norway funds

A new €8 million programme is to target children and youth at risk through a series of social inclusion, education and healthcare projects, EU Funding parliamentary secretary Aaron Farrugia announced today.  All projects funded through the programme must be completed by 2021.  The programme is jointly funded by the European Economic Area and Norway, with the EEA putting up €4.4m and Norway's financial mechanism adding €3.6m. It follows a similar €5m programme which ran from 2009 to 2014.  Another separate fund, the €700,000 Active Citizens Fund 2014-2021, will be used to help civil society build up long-term sustainability and bolster its effectiveness in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship and human rights, Dr Farrugia said.   

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Nationalist Party to invite PD MPs to parliamentary group meetings

The Nationalist Party this evening said it has decided that it will invite Partit Demokratiku Members of Parliament Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia to attend meetings of its Parliamentary Group.This decision was taken after a PN parliamentary group meeting which was held later this afternoon.In a statement, the Nationalist Party said that the PN parliamentary group will cooperate with Godfrey and Marlene Farrugia in the same way they cooperated during the last election campaign, when the two parties joined forces for Forza Nazzjonali.With regards to voting, the PD MPs will be invited to "stay in line with the Whip's guidelines"."The Opposition's parliamentary group will provide an effective and strong opposition and it will keep Joseph Muscat's government under constant scrutiny," the party said. Earlier this week Marlene Farrugia said a request had been made for her and Godfrey Farrugia to attend the PN Parliamentary Group meetings, as the two of them formed part of the Opposition. The PD candidates ran under the PN’s banner in the 3 June election, but Farrugia insists that she and her partner represent the PD, and not the PN in Parliament.  Speaking on INDEPTH earlier this week, Farrugia said she would vote in Parliament according to what she thinks is right or wrong, when asked if she would follow the PN Whip’s orders.

Nationalist Party to vote in favor of gay marriage bill, to present some amendments

The Nationalist Party this evening confirmed that it will be voting in favour of the Marriage Equality Bill, which will introduce gay marriage. The party issued a statement following a meeting of its Parliamentary Group. The Bill will be presented for its second and third readings next week. Parliament will be officially opened tomorrow but its first sitting will be held on Monday. Before the election both the main parties said they were in favour of gay marriage. The PN had previously abstained in the Civil Unions vote, citing concerns on adoptions by gay couples. The PN said its decision reflected the pledge that was part of its electoral manifesto. It said, however, that its MPs will be presenting a number of amendments to improve the Bill. 

Number of assistant commissioners now totals 12; ‘largest amount in history of the corps’

Commissioner of Police Lawrence Cutajar and Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia have just promoted 10 superintendents to assistant commissioners, making it the largest amount of assistant commissioners in the history of the Maltese Police Corps.This was said by Commissioner Cutajar himself.Commissioner Cutajar told the Malta Independent that "this is a historic moment. Aside from the fact that the first female Assistance Commissioner was promoted, we have ten superintendents promoted to assistant commissioners, which, in addition to the two we already have makes 12. The largest amount there has ever been in the history of the corps.""The way the corps has been re-organised, such an amount is required. One of the new things we have been able to change thanks to these promotions regards the way the districts work. Before, we had a single assistant commissioner for each of the two regions (north and south), who possibly had too large an area to control. Now each region will have two assistant commissioners, so that their work will be more concentrated. One step we took is to put the Sliema and St Julian's district under one assistant commissioner for the simple reason that there is quite a large concentration of work in this area."He also said that there are other specialised sections that should be under an assistant commissioner, such as drugs, fraud etc. One for each section. "I assure you each of the 12 assistant commissioners have their specific role."All ten new assistant commissioners were, previously, superintendents. The commissioner admitted that this has created a vacuum in the superintendent grade. "However at the moment a course for 38 individuals is underway, where those who pass will be appointed as inspectors. In the coming week or two we will issue an internal call for applications for the position of superintendents."Minister Farrugia was asked why the number of assistant commissioners have increased to this record number. The minister also explained that this was part of the reorganisation and said that they would be able to take responsibility of different sections.He said nowadays more importance is given to technological advancements and forensics. On forensics, he said they are working on improving this section and that decisions have already been taken to improve the forensic section facilities.Turning to the responsibilities of the new assistant commissioners, he mentioned criminal investigations, human resources, administration, legal affairs and other areas.Asked whether it is worrying to have such promotions so close to the elections, especially considering now more promotions to the posts of superintendent would be needed, he said: "The elections were expected next year. There is a restructuring process ongoing which was agreed upon by a number of sections, including the CEO. This is part of the restructuring process which falls as part of government's plan to move forward and to have a better police force."The minister said that the police will keep recruiting, and government wants more police on the beat, to be closer to the people and to work on crime prevention.Speaking with this newsroom, assistant commissioner Alexandra Mamo said she feels honoured being the first female in the third highest rank in the corps. She said she is determined to continue her work for the good of the people and the communities of Sliema and St Julian's (the localities that fall under her watch)The new assistant commissioners are Neville Xuereb, Stephen Mallia, Dennis Theuma, Ramon Mercieca, Ian Joseph Abdilla, Mario Tonna, Alexandra Mamo, Nazzareno Grixti, Kevin Farrugia and Alexander Gatt. 

Updated (3): Britain, EU clash over Brexit proposals on citizens' rights

The European Union and Britain on Friday tripped over the first item in their Brexit talks — protecting the rights of each other's citizens — highlighting the potential for trouble ahead in their marathon negotiations.While British Prime Minister Theresa May declared that she had offered a "fair and serious" proposal on citizens' rights, European Union chief Donald Tusk dismissed it as falling "below our expectations." Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said "thousands of questions" remained on the key topic.The 27 EU leaders demanded many more details on the U.K. proposal to guarantee the rights of the 3 million EU citizens who now live in Britain.Since many of those citizens will want to stay even as Britain itself leaves the EU, it is an immediate issue where May has a lot of leverage. The British leader is insisting that the EU needs to give the 1.5 million Britons living on the continent equal respect. She will outline a more detailed proposal next Monday, when May addresses her parliament in London.Alongside citizens' rights, the Brexit negotiators will address the substantial bill that Britain will have to pay to quit the EU and the problems surrounding the border in Ireland."I want to reassure all those EU citizens who are in the U.K., who've made their lives and homes in the U.K., that no one will have to leave, we won't be seeing families split apart. This is a fair and serious offer," May said.Yet many EU leaders were nonplussed by May's offer, saying there was a clear deal to leave such Brexit issues to the top negotiators, Michel Barnier for the EU and David Davis for Britain.German Chancellor Angela Merkel said May's move was "not yet the breakthrough" that EU nations were looking for, adding "there is a long road in front of us."Tusk agreed."My first impression is that the U.K.'s offer is below our expectations, and that it risks worsening the situation of citizens," Tusk said. "It will be for our negotiating team to analyze the offer line by line."Exactly one year after British voters chose to leave the EU and after months of political chaos at home, a weakened May sent her team into the Brexit negotiations that began Monday. The issue of citizens' rights was seen as her strongest point to make an immediate impact.Many said she missed the mark."We don't want to buy a pig in a poke," said Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, calling May's opening "an extremely vague proposal for something that is incredibly complicated."May promised that the fate of EU citizens will be a priority in Brexit negotiations. She laid out benchmarks for their rights and said they should be shielded from excessive harm because of the political divorce. Under May's proposal, EU citizens with legal residence in the U.K. will not be asked to leave and will be offered a chance to regularize their situation after Brexit. May also promised to cut the burdensome bureaucracy such paperwork can involve. EU citizens now face an imposing 85-page form to tackle if they want to stay.

Updated: London tower fire began in fridge, manslaughter charges considered

Manslaughter charges are among the offenses under consideration in the devastating Grenfell Tower blaze that killed 79 people, London police said Friday.In its most detailed briefing yet on the criminal investigation, Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack confirmed suspicions by residents that a refrigerator had sparked the June 14 blaze. She also revealed that cladding placed on the building during a recent renovation had failed safety tests conducted by police in connection with their investigation. Documents from a number of organizations have been seized."We are looking at every criminal offense from manslaughter onwards, we are looking at every health and safety and fire safety offenses and we are reviewing every company at the moment involved in the building and refurbishment of Grenfell Tower," she said.The British government has ordered an immediate examination of the model of refrigerator. McCormack said the Hotpoint FF175BP fridge-freezer had not been subject to any product recalls.The fire spread quickly through the tower block, leading to concerns that cladding on the building did not meet fire safety rules.The investigation comes as authorities realize the horrific fire will have national consequences for thousands of people living in tower blocks across the country. Eleven buildings around Britain have tested positive for the combustible cladding found in the Grenfell Tower.The cladding is being studied amid fears that the panels fueled the fire in the 24-story building since it was engulfed in less than an hour.Buildings in London, Manchester and Plymouth are among those where problem cladding has been identified.Fears about cladding are not limited to apartment buildings — at least one hotel chain is calling in experts to make certain it meets safety regulations. Premier Inn said Friday it had "concerns" about the material used on some of its buildings, though it is different than the type used on Grenfell.McCormack also repeated calls for anyone with information on who might have been in the tower to come forward. That comes after London Mayor Sadiq Khan pledged to seek an amnesty for people who may have been living in the public housing block illegally."What we haven't got is a picture of how many people might have been in there. That's the number I'm really worried about," McCormack said.

INDEPTH: Marlene Farrugia excludes contesting for post of PN leader

Partit Demokratiku Leader Marlene Farrugia has excluded contesting for the post of PN leader.Interviewed on INDEPTH by The Malta Independent news editor Rachel Attard, Farrugia said that when she was asked whether she would consider contesting, she had still no idea what shape or form the new opposition would have.Farrugia emphasised: "I never said that I was interested in the PN leadership race. What I said was that I never exclude anything. In politics you always have to leave your options open because we knew what the structure of the three parties were before the election but not what the story would be after the election."The PD leader said that she believes that politics should allow people to live with dignity from the day they are born till death. "The minute I realise that the party I am in is not keeping the person and the family at the centre of his political agenda I will leave."In comments to journalists shortly after she was elected on the 10th district on 3 June, Farrugia remained coy as to whether or not she would actually contest, and said that PD executives will be meeting later that day to take stock of the situation. On the same day PD deputy leader Anthony Buttigieg resigned after Farrugia was quoted as saying she did not exclude contesting for the post of PN leader. "It is with deep regret that I am publically announcing my resignation as PD deputy leader. I joined PD to create a new way. A possibility of coalition and inclusion I firmly believe that is the only way we can stop the revolving door politics we have suffered from, yes suffered, since Independence. We need to bridge the divisions in this country, not maintain them," he had said.Asked if she has any intentions to follow the PN Whip's orders if she will be allowed to attend meetings of the PN Parliamentary Group, Farrugia said that, "Even if I am part of the PN group, I will continue to vote in Parliament according to what I think is right or wrong." She said that, "if the government does something right and I will be part of the PN Parliamentary Group, my role will be to convince the other PN MPs to agree with the government and vice versa."Asked if PN Leader Simon Busuttil spoke to her after her party requested to attend PN parliamentary group meetings, Farrugia said that Dr Busuttil told her "his wish is that they work together but it does not depend only on me but also on the other PN MPs."Farrugia contested the election on the 5th and 10th districts and was elected from the latter, getting a total of 3,970 votes.Disclaimer: The programme was recorded Wednesday, morning prior to the casual elections result.

EU leaders boost support for Libya to halt migrant exodus

European Union leaders pledged today to boost their support for conflict-ravaged Libya as the number of people fleeing Africa on crowded, unsafe boats for better lives in Europe continues to rise.European Council President Donald Tusk said the central Mediterranean Sea route to Italy for unauthorized migrants "remains critical in terms of irregular arrivals.""While it is true that we are taking many of the right steps, the only result that really matters to us is to put a definitive end to this tragic situation," Tusk said on the second day of two-day EU summit in Brussels,.To help prevent people from setting out for Europe in unseaworthy boats, the leaders committed to step up their backing of the Libyan coast guard by providing more training and equipment.The United Nation's migration agency estimates that around 70,000 people have arrived in Italy from Libya so far this year, compared with around 56,000 during the same period last year. Almost 1,900 have died trying to make the perilous Mediterranean crossing in 2017."Loss of life and continuing migratory flows of primarily economic migrants on the Central Mediterranean route is a structural challenge and remains an issue of urgent and serious concern," the leaders said in their final summit statement."The EU and its member states will have to restore control to avoid a worsening humanitarian crisis."But human rights group Amnesty International says Libya's coast guard is returning the people it plucks from the sea to a country where they face detention and possibly torture or rape.EU leaders "are increasing the capacity of the Libyan coast guard while turning a blind eye to the inherent, grave, risks of such cooperation," Iverna McGowan, head of Amnesty's European office, said.Libya is also appealing for help to secure its porous southern border, which is some 4,000 kilometers (2,500) miles long.The leader of Libya's unity government, Fayez Sarraj, has been in Brussels lobbying the Europeans and the NATO military alliance for help and money."As the number of migrants rises, the economic and social fabric of southern Libya is placed under very significant strain," he told reporters on Wednesday.EU leaders, meanwhile, want to replicate with Libya a migration-deterrence deal it has with Turkey. Despite legal and human rights concerns about the EU-Turkey agreement, it has reduced drastically the number of people crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece.French President Emmanuel Macron said "the crisis that we are living is not a passing crisis. It's a long-term challenge which will find its response only in the solutions in Africa," notably in "stabilizing the Libyan borders."But Amnesty's McGowan warned that "EU leaders need to urgently stop externalizing border control and asylum processing to foreign governments - including some with appalling human rights records."

Marco Bonnici elected new MUT President, beating Franklin Barbara by just six votes

Marco Bonnici has been elected as the new Malta Union of Teachers president, the union announced this afternoon. The post was contested by Bonnici and former MUT secretary general Franklin Barbara. Bonnici replaces Kevin Bonello. Bonnici won by just six votes. The official result, as confirmed by the Election Board, was 1,200 votes for Marco Bonnici and 1,194 votes for Franklin Barbara. The full election results for President, Senior Vice President along with the full composition of the new Council will be issued in due course.Franklin BarbaraThe union leadership election was different than usual in that the post of president is not usually contested, with only one candidate submitting a nomination.The Ministry for Education and Employment congratulated Bonnici for being elected as the new MUT President earlier today.The Ministry also thanked Kevin Bonello for his work in the sector throughout the years.Shadow education minister Therese Comodini Cachia also congratulated Bonnici while also thanking Barbara for his campaign. The PN also thanked outgoing President Kevin Bonello for his work.   

Bouncers who beat up patrons on Valentine's Day have jail-time converted to probation

Two bouncers who were found guilty of injuring two patrons during a Valentine's Day brawl seven years ago have had their jail-time converted to one of probation on appeal.Bernard Briffa, 32, of Valletta and Stephen Catania, 47, of San Ġwann, had been sentenced to two months in prison and fined €1,000 each. Italian nationals Luca di Mauro and Riccardo Miano, 27 and 35, had been badly manhandled in the course of the fight which broke out at Paceville club Clique.Both foreigners had suffered serious facial injuries. Miano had also ended up with a fractured nose and several broken teeth.The court of appeal, presided over by Madame Justice Edwina Grima, confirmed the assessment of facts given by the magistrate's court but ruled that the social background and personal problems of the two accused did not merit an effective jail term as punishment. The court converted the effective prison term of two months to a probation period of three years, while confirming the fine of €1,000 each.Lawyers Veronique Dalli and Dean Hili appeared for Mr Briffa. Lawyer Alessandro Lia appeared for Mr Catania. 

TMID Editorial: PN and PD cannot merge into one party

The Labour Party was not completely wrong when it labelled the Forza Nazzjonali PN-PD coalition as the ‘coalition of confusion’.Forza Nazzjonali had a noble aim: that of bringing together all those who wanted to rid the country of corruption and restore good governance. Alternattiva Demokratika opted out and in the end there were two parties forming the new political alliance; the onceproud Nationalist Party and the newly-formed Partit Demokratiku, led by former Labour MP Marlene Farrugia and also including her partner, Godfrey, who until eight weeks ago, was still the Labour Party Whip.The two parties joined forces after protracted talks and announced that, because of how our electoral law works, the PD candidates would run under the PN banner. This meant that they would be listed with the PN’s candidates but would be identified by the wording ‘talorangjo’ after their names.The way it was explained to the electorate was that, should Forza Nazzjonali (it was never officially referred to as the PN-PD coalition) win the election this would be a twoparty coalition government. The parties also went to the polls under a single electoral manifesto.History was written when Marlene Farrugia was elected on 4 June, becoming the first MP from a third party since the mid-1960s. Then, earlier this week, Godfrey Farrugia also made it to Parliament through a casual election.But before this happened, the (opposition) alliance was put in jeopardy. During a constitutional court case in which the PL challenged the Electoral Commission’s decision to grant the PN two extra seats (as a result of the rule of proportionality) the court said there was conclusive evidence that Marlene Farrugia had contested the last general election as a Nationalist candidate and had made it to parliament on the PN ticket. This immediately opened up Forza Nazzjonali to harsh criticism, with the PL saying that there were only two parties in Parliament, not three.To make matters worse, the PN’s daily newspaper yesterday referred to Godfrey Farrugia, on its front page no less, as a PN candidate.Seemingly reacting to the report, Marlene Farrugia yesterday insisted that she and Godfrey will in fact represent the PD in Parliament, adding that the number of political parties in the House is three.But the PD has requested to attend meetings of the PN Parliamentary Group. The matter will be discussed by the PN on Friday.The PN should not accept the PD to attend its Parliamentary Group meetings and the PD should not have asked to do so. The Farrugias cannot pretend to represent the PD but at the same time be involved in the internal discussions and mechanics of the PN. This is not how coalitions work. If they are privy to every PN meeting, and can actually take part in the decision making process, how can they say they belong to another party?This is certainly not what the 4,000 who chose PD in the general election voted for. This is especially the case for those who elected Marlene Farrugia on the 10th district, who are not loyal Zurrieq constituents but rather people who wanted an alternative to the PN. That choice must be respected. The PN and PD cannot morph into one party. On INDEPTH, Marlene Farrugia said she would not be bound by the rules laid down by the PN Whip but would vote according to what she thinks is right or wrong. While this is commendable, it is also another reason why the PD should not be a part of the PN Parliamentary Group. The PD MPs also need to keep in mind that a new PN leader, who will be in place by midSeptember, might be less sympathetic to the alliance. After all, there were many voices from within the PN warning that the PN was making a mistake by allowing other players into the fold.The fact is that three weeks after the election there is still some confusion regarding how the PN-PD relationship will work and these issues should have been resolved way before the election.


Pjanist ta’ 12-il sena l-mistieden speċjali f’kunċert tal-Orkestra Filarmonika ta’ Malta

Dmitry Ishkhanov għandu biss tnax-il sena. Ilu jdoqq il-pjanu mindu kellu erba’ snin u rebaħ bosta kompetizzjonijiet mużikali prestiġjużi fosthom fl-Italja u l-Belġju. F’Settembru li għadda huwa rrapreżenta lil Malta fil-Eurovision Young Musicians u kien l-iżgħar parteċipant fl-istorja ta’ din il-kompetizzjoni ta’ mużika klassika. Dmitry Ishkhanov se jkun il-mistieden speċjali fil-kunċert, li se jagħlaq l-istaġun […] The post Pjanist ta’ 12-il sena l-mistieden speċjali f’kunċert tal-Orkestra Filarmonika ta’ Malta appeared first on TVM.

Ir-rabja u l-kastigi mhux se jgħinu lit-tfal li ma jmorrux tajjeb fl-eżamijiet

Għall-maġġoranza tal-istudenti, l-eżamijiet waslu jew se jaslu fi tmiemhom u minn hawn tibda l-istennija għar-riżultati. Psikologu li jispeċjalizza fl-edukazzjoni jargumenta li hemm metodi aktar effettivi li jistgħu jimmotivaw lill-istudenti biex jistudjaw. L-istaġun tal-eżamijiet għoddu għadda hekk kif is-sena skolastika u akkademika qed toqrob lejn tmiemha u ħafna studenti qed iħejju biex jibdew igawdu s-sajf wara […] The post Ir-rabja u l-kastigi mhux se jgħinu lit-tfal li ma jmorrux tajjeb fl-eżamijiet appeared first on TVM.

Annimali b’saħħithom biss jistgħu jiddaħħlu għall-wirja tal-Imnarja

Waslet l-Imnarja, l-festa tradizzjoni li tiċċelebra l-ħidma tal-bdiewa u r-raħħala b’tiżwiqa folkloristika fil-Buskett. It-tħabbira tal-programm tal-Imnarja saret bil-fanfara fil-Belt fil-Valletta bil-qari tal-bandu tal-Imnarja. L-Imnarja fid-29 tax-xahar tibda lejlietha bil-wirja agrarja fil-ġonna tal-Buskett fejn issir ukoll serata tal-għana tradizzjonali bid-daqq tal-kitarri. Mis-Saqqajja titlaq sfilata ta’ żwiemel, ħmir u ponijiet lejn il-Buskett fejn wieħed jista’ wkoll jiftaħ […] The post Annimali b’saħħithom biss jistgħu jiddaħħlu għall-wirja tal-Imnarja appeared first on TVM.

Il-PN jgħid li lest jikkopera ma’ Marlene Farrugia u Godfrey Farrugia

Il-Grupp Parlamentari tal-Partit Nazzjonalista ddeċieda li se jikkopera bis-sħiħ mad-deputati Marlene Farrugia u Godfrey Farrugia fl-Oppożizzjoni bl-istess spirtu li ġiet miġġielda l-kampanja elettorali mill-Partit Nazzjonalista u l-Partit Demokratiku bħala Forza Nazzjonali. Fi stqarrija, il-Partit Nazzjonalista qal li Marlene Farrugia u Godfrey Farrugia se jibdew jiġu mistiedna għal-laqgħat tal-Grupp Parlamentari tal-Oppożizzjoni meta jiġu diskussi affarijiet ta’ […] The post Il-PN jgħid li lest jikkopera ma’ Marlene Farrugia u Godfrey Farrugia appeared first on TVM.

L-Oppożizzjoni se tivvota favur il-liġi dwar żwieġ bejn koppji gay

L-Oppożizzjoni Nazzjonalista se tkun qed tivvota favur il-liġi  dwar żwieġ bejn persuni tal-istess sess meta din titressaq fil-Parlament il-ġimgħa d-dieħla. Fi stqarrija, il-PN qal li dan l-impenn jirrifletti l-wegħda li l-Partit Nazzjonalista daħħal fil-programm elettorali dwar id-dritt ta’ żwieġ bejn persuni tal-istess sess. Ingħad li fil-Parlament, id-Deputati tal-Partit Nazzjonalista se jressqu għadd ta’ emendi fi […] The post L-Oppożizzjoni se tivvota favur il-liġi dwar żwieġ bejn koppji gay appeared first on TVM.

Laboratorji f’Malta akkreditati internazzjonalment

Laboratorju privat li jagħmel diversi testijiet fosthom tad-DNA u testijiet forensiċi f’każi kriminali u ċivili mistenni jikseb iċ-ċertifikazzjoni internazzjonali wara verifiki tal-prattiċi li jintużaw f’dawn it-testijiet. Sal-aħħar tas-sena, l-BioDNA Laboratory services mistennija jikseb akkreditazzjoni internazzjonali fuq it-testijiet tossikoloġiċi li jintalab jagħmel f’każijiet ta’ stupru u f’każijiet ta’ sewqan taħt l-influwenza ta’ drogi u alkoħol. Il-laboratorju, […] The post Laboratorji f’Malta akkreditati internazzjonalment appeared first on TVM.

ARA kif sewwieq ta’ mutur jagħmel ħerba b’daqqa ta’ sieq

Pika bejn sewwieq ta’ mutur u xufier ta’ karozza wasslet għal ħerba sħiħa f’highway. Il-każ seħħ f’Santa Clarita, fl-Istati Uniti. Filmat li nġibed mill-kamera ta’ persuna li kienet qed issuq fl-istess triq turi s-sewwieq tal-mutur jagħti daqqa ta’ sieq lill-karozza li kienet qed issuq biswitu. Tal-karozza jirrispondi billi jaħsad l-isteering biex jagħfas lil tal-mutur, iżda […] The post ARA kif sewwieq ta’ mutur jagħmel ħerba b’daqqa ta’ sieq appeared first on TVM.

Donaturi tad-demm regolari jirċievu rikonoxximent mill-President

Erbatax-il donatur tad-demm ġew rikonoxxuti mill-istat għall-impenn tagħhom biex isalvaw il-ħajja ta’ tant persuni li jkollhom bżonn id-demm speċjalment persuni morda bil-kanċer u oħrajn li jkunu involuti f’xi inċidenti gravi. Meta għalaq sittax-il sena, Frans Lia ma qagħadx jistenna li jirċievi rigal iżda mar ta wieħed hu lil min kien qed jistenna borża demm.Kif jghid […] The post Donaturi tad-demm regolari jirċievu rikonoxximent mill-President appeared first on TVM.

Tlett itfal u żewġ adulti jinqatlu b’xokk ġo pixxina ta’ waterpark fit-Turkija

Ħames persuni tilfu ħajjithom wara li ħadu xokk elettriku ġo pixxina ta’ waterpark. Il-każ seħħ fil-provinċja Sakarya, 100 kilometru ‘l bogħod minn Istanbul. Allegatament l-ewwel li ħadu x-xokk kienu t-tfal li kienu fil-pixxina. Iż-żewġ adulti li niżlu biex jippruvaw isalvawhom spiċċaw mietu huma wkoll. Qed ikun irrappurtat li ż-żewġ adulti li qabżu għat-tfal huma s-sid […] The post Tlett itfal u żewġ adulti jinqatlu b’xokk ġo pixxina ta’ waterpark fit-Turkija appeared first on TVM.

Il-Korp tal-Pulizija bl-ewwel Assistent Kummissarju mara

Il-Korp tal-Pulizija għandu l-ewwel assistent kummissarju mara. Alexandra Mamo telgħet skaluna oħra fil-korp u hija fost għaxar supretendenti tal-pulizija li ngħataw ir-rank ta’ assistenti kummissarji. Għalkemm fil-Korp tal-Pulizija, il-kuntistabbli u l-uffiċjali għadhom f’minoranza għax għal kull ħamest irgiel hemm biss mara bl-uniformi, Alexandra Mamo hi l-ewwel mara li nħatret fil-grad ta’ assistent kummissarju tal-korp tal-pulizija. […] The post Il-Korp tal-Pulizija bl-ewwel Assistent Kummissarju mara appeared first on TVM.


Attent fejn tipparkkja fil-Ħamrun

​Mhux se tkun tista’ tipparkja f’xi toroq fil-Ħamrun minn għada sa nhar it-Tnejn li ġej.

Tim Malti tal-offroading jirbaħ kampjonat fl-Italja

It-tim Wild Crawler magħmul minn Robert Caruana u Alan Zahra sħansitra rnexxielu jirbaħ il-kategorija li ħa sehem fiha u niżel lura Malta bit-tazza tar-rebbieħa.

Il-PN se jivvota favur żwieġ bejn persuni tal-istess sess

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista qal li se jivvota favur il-liġi dwar żwieġ bejn persuni tal-istess sess.

Jammettu li serqu minn ħanut

​Raġel ta’ 32 sena u mara ta’ 39 sena ammettew fil-Qorti li serqu diversi oġġetti minn ħanut tal-Goldern Harvest.

Jitlesta x-xogħol mad-dawra tax-xatt ta' Buġibba

​Ix-xogħol ta’ asfaltar mad-dawra tax-xatt ta’ Buġibba u l-Qawra tlesta hekk kif beda s-Sajf.

Aġġornata: Tlett itfal u żewġ adulti jmutu b'xokk fit-Turkija

Għadu mhux magħruf kif il-pixxina saret elettriċizzata.

Bajja f'Marsaxlokk se tingħalaq għan-nies

Se tingħalaq il-bajja Tal-Magħluq, f’Marsaxlokk biex jitneħħa l-bastiment imkisser San Marco li daħal mal-kurrent.

Awstralja: Żagħżugħ ma jistax isuq għal 100 sena

Iż-żagħżugħ irrifjuta kemm-il darba li jieqaf għall-Pulizija.

Filmat: L-għalliema jtiru għas-sajf!

Jispikkaw fil-filmat il-fidget spinnners, il-bottle flipping u d-dab, li mingħajr dubju l-iskejjel kienu ikkaraterizzati bihom din is-sena.

10 Assistenti Kummissarji tal-Pulizija ġodda

Il-Korp tal-Pulizija ħatar 10 Assistenti Kummissarji ġodda fosthom mara.

Gaia tniedi kanzunetta ġdida, friska u pożittiva

Ara l-filmat tal-kanzunetta li nediet Gaia fil-ftuħ ta’ dan is-sajf.

Filmat: Marco Bonnici elett President tal-MUT

Huwa rebaħ l-elezzjoni b’1,200 vot.

X'għandhom imħejji fil-Wied il-Qriema?

Ta’ min ifakkar li l-kaxxa infernali li s-soltu tinħaraq is-Sibt se ssir il-Ħadd waqt id-dħul tal-vara ta’ San Ġorġ.

Il-Lajċi jista’ jkollhom sehem akbar fil-ħatra tal-Isqfijiet

Il-Kardinal Oswald Gracies, Arċisqof ta’ Bombay u wieħed mill-konsulenti ewleninn tal-Papa Franġisku qal f’intervista, li l-Kunsill tal-Kardinali magħruf ukoll bħala “C9” li l-Papa kien ħatar ftit biss wara li beda l-papat tiegħu biex jagħtuh pariri, qed jikkunsidra jekk għandux jingħata aktar piż lil-lajċi meta jkun se jinħatar xi Isqof.

Awdjo: Jattakkaw żewġ Maltin biex jippruvaw ixekklu lill-Papa

L-eks Prim Ministru Lawrence Gonzi u l-Viċi Kordinatur fil-Kunsill tal-Finanzi fil-Vatikan u blogger regolari fuq Newsbook.com.mt Joseph F.X. Zahra, ċaħdu r-rapporti li dehru fil-ġurnal Taljan L’Espresso. Huma qalu li l-mira vera tal-attakki huwa l-Papa u r-riforma li jrid jagħmel fil-Knisja.

Jekk mhux mill-bieb, mit-tieqa: 80 student jiggradwaw mill-programm Gem 16+

Gem 16+ huwa programm ta’ tagħlim intensiv li jgħin lil dawk l-istudenti li ma ġabux biżżejjed eżamijiet tas-SEC fis-suġġetti ewlenin

Facebook iniedi kampanja kontra l-mibegħda

Facebook nieda inizjattiva fl-Ingilterra bil-għan li jħarreġ u jgħin organizzazzjonijiet lokali biex jiġġieldu l-estremiżmu u l-kliem ta’ mibegħda.

Imħabbar ristrutturar tal-MCESD li se jassigura djalogu soċjali aktar relevanti

Dan qalu s-Segretarju Parlamentari għad-Djalogu Soċjali, Aaron Farrugia

"Bħalissa huwa l-aqwa żmien biex nilħqu livelli qatt milħuqa qabel" - il-President

Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca indirizzat il-Kumitat dwar id-Drittijiet tan-Nisa u l-Ugwaljanza bejn is-Sessi fil-Parlament Ewropew

Ħabta bejn karozza ta' RIU u trakk fil-Girgenti

​Karozza tar-Rapid Intervention Unit ġarrbet ħsarat kbar wara ħabta frontali ma’ trakk.

Aġġornata: Tal-PD se jattendu l-laqgħat tal-Grupp Parlamentari tal-PN

Il-PD ma ġiex mistieden għal-laqgħa minħabba li din mhix se ddur esklussivament mal-kwistjoni tat-termini għall-ftehim dwar il-koalizzjoni

Jitlef ħajtu ġimgħa wara li waqa' f'San Ġiljan

Tilef ħajtu ż-żagħżugħ Olandiż ta’ 25 sena, li l-ġimgħa li għaddiet, waqa’ minn għoli ta’ madwar sular fil-bajja ta’ San Ġorġ, San Ġiljan.